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Inground Pool Liners Installation & Repair

Inground pool liners are an important product to have if you want to protect your feet and pool floor. The average lifespan of a pool liner is between 10-15 years. As they age, liners lose their elasticity and start to crack. It is smart to repair your liner every several years to keep your pool in the best condition. QuickSwim will install liners during your inground pool installation and repair them when the time comes. We provide CAD-designed pool liners in a variety of designs and color options. All of our inground pool liners are preventative of scuffs and stains, resistant to chlorine bleaching, resistant to UV and weather damage, and have a longer life span than standard vinyl liners. 

All of the Merlin Industries vinyl pool liners are curated in the United States and Canada. Allowing for speedy shipping and installation, quality formulas, and quality standards. Our installers have perfected covering liner seams, ensuring less damage to your feet and easier cleaning. We offer AquaIntense liners which feature textured vinyl and luster inks, or both! These liners are of higher quality than our standard vinyl liners. 

Choose your next inground pool liner from a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. We only carry the top-rated liners supplied by Merlin Industries.

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Amelia Island All Over Aqua Intense
Arrowhead Tile Jasper Beach Floor
Aster Tile Ocean Breeze Floor
Beachside Tile Gold Coast Floor
Blue Trinidad Tile Jamaica
Cape Elizabeth Tile Oceanside Floor
Caswell Beach Tile Sandy Point Floor
Corolla Beach Tile Outer Banks Floor
Crystal Cove Tile Brava Beach Floor
Diamond Cliff Tile Blue Pointe Floor
Eagle Beach Tile Gold Coast Floor
Fraser Island Tile Outer Banks Floor
Gladstone Tile Sandy Point Floor
Hampton Bays Tile Blue Lagoon Floor
Jamaica Tile Jamaica Floor
Key Largo Tile Blue Lagoon Floor
Liberty Tile Starfish Floor
Luxe Gemstone Tile Ocean Breeze Floor
Magnolia Tile Peaceful Waters Floor
Marco Island Tile Morro Bay Floor
Messina Tile Turquoise River Floor
Mission Beach Tile Princeville Floor
Moonlight Cove Tile Jasper Beach Floor
Mosaic Tile Starfish Floor
Ocho Rios Tile Blue Cove Floor
Opal Bay
Palmetto Bay Tile Brava Beach Floor
Prismatic Sea
Royal Island Tile Sea Storm Floor
Sandy Cay Tile Runaway Bay Floor
Sanibel Tile Highland Beach Floor
Santa Maria Tile Blue Cove Floor
Sarasota Tile Sea Storm Floor
Sea Blossom Tile Blue Pointe Floor
Sea Grove Tile Peaceful Waters Floor
Shelter Cove
Siesta Key Tile Blue Reef Floor
Sterling Shore
Stone Jewel
Stony Island Tile Marine Clay Floor
Sunfish Tile Seafloor Floor
Treasure Beach Tile Blue Cove Floor
Universe Tile Confetti Floor
Valencia Tile Ocean Mist Floor