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Winterized Pool Covers for Waukesha Homes

Keep your pool nice in the summer by closing it properly in the winter. Winterized covers are available for both your pool and spa. Using a proper inground pool cover in winter can ensure your family’s safety and protect your pool from the elements. All of QuickSwim's winterized pool covers are customizable, protective, and affordable. Our pool covers protect against debris and help maintain both the interior and exterior of your pool. Without one, you risk the chance of your inground pool liner cracking.

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With the help of our friends at Merlin Industries, we offer 5 material types including: 

  • Dura-Mesh II
  • SmartMesh
  • Safety Solid XLS
  • Advanced-Grade
  • Kaleidoscapes

Our covers are built to last multiple winters. Built with the strength to maintain structural integrity, our winterized pool covers are perfect for any inground pool or spa in Southeast Wisconsin.